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Teacher In-service Education



Our teacher in-service project arose out of a direct need highlighted in the Nsanje District Education Department document for 2006-2012. No In-service training had taken place for many years and whilst it was in their forward plans there existed no capacity to deliver this, either through their own government or any other agency.


The Dòchas Education Trust, with Prof Donnie M Macleod as the lead professional, has put together a robust, in country, modular programme of in-service education for the teachers from Nsanje District. This has been embraced by the education managers, directorate and government ministers of Malawi who are all excited about the potential benefits of the project to pupils, schools and communities.


The project will enhance the current qualifications of the teachers from certificate to diploma with the possible option of degree level. It will be delivered using a train -the-trainers model and is expected to run over six years. The teachers will come together twice yearly for the delivery of the modules by education professionals from Scotland. There will also be an interim visit by the tutors to give tutorial support to the teachers.






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 History so far:

In 2009 Dòchas brought a group of thrity teachers from Nsanje to Blantyre for workshops and needs assessment interviews. This was very well received by the teachers who expressed their excitement and sincere appreciation of the opportunities this would bring them, their pupils and their communities.

Out of the group of thirty twentyfour were selected to be the first cohort of teachers to receive the in-service training.








The first group of teachers who attended the workshops and needs assessments in Blantyre 2009 with Donnie and Dugald.


In January Donnie headed out to Malawi along with a colleague, Brenda Frier, to deliver the first module of the Programme. This was enthusiastically received by the 20 teachers who travelled from Nsanje to Blantyre where they stayed at Grace Bandawe Conference Centre. The teachers all returned with renewed excitement to implement all they had learned and to write their set assignments. All 20 assignments arrived in Scotland ahead of the submission date (a first in all Donnie's years of teaching) which demonstrates the eagerness of the teachers and their commitment to this programme.

In September Donnie and Brenda headed back to Blantyre to deliver the next two modules and to interview and select the second cohort

The teachers are all provided with the necessary texts to complete their assignment and thereafter the texts go to the resource centres where they are made available for all the teachers.


 Donnie and Brenda are heading out to Blantyre to deliver another module in September.






There have been two visits by Donnie and Brenda this year totalling over 5 weeks and many, many hours of teaching and marking assignments.

A second cohort of teachers has been selected and they have started their course work. The first cohort are nearing the completion of their course work with the last taught module delivered in September. The teachers have made tremendous progress with their learning being demonstrated in a practical way in their classes and schools. This is having a significant impact on the lives of the children. 

The last day of the taught course was quite an emotional one for both the teachers and their tutors.