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Bible Education.




For a variety of reasons most of the church leaders have no opportunity to attend Bible School. Dòchas seeks to bring Bible and theological training to the church leaders at the place of need and without hardship or cost to the participants. Two locations in Nsanje District have been selected in order to reach as wide an area as possible for people to attend on a daily basis. There is a separate programme for women and also for those wishing to engage in children's ministry.


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 Although most of the teams going out to do this part of the work of Dòchas are self funding* there are costs involved in running the Bible Schools.


*   Dòchas wishes to have reserve funds available so that suitably qualified Bible teachers who have a desire to be involved in this work are not prevented by financial constraint.


Bible Schools.


There are three main areas of concentration each with their own curriculum.







In July Dugald and Morag along with Hector MacKenzie and Una Fraser went out to Nsanje to deliver a 'taster' Bible School to church and community leaders and also to women. Hector's teaching was well received both in Nsanje Town and in Nyachilenda. In both locations a programme for the women was run at the same time.

Each day the participants would lead off with prayer and singing in Chichewa and thereafter the teaching programme would last all day with a break in the morning for 'pop' and biscuits and a lunchtime break when an ample meal was served which had been cooked on-site.

Training was also delivered on the MDGs and child protection.



The first team delivering Children's Bible Club training set off in July and although a man down* did a sterling job!

CBC1 was lead by Dougie Simpson ably assisted by Jacky Paterson, Karen Miller, Claire Brownhill, Mairi Paterson, Chris Leith, Zak Robb and Kevin Rojas. The theme was 'Rescue Mission' based on the  Exodus from Egypt. Over 60 leaders were trained between the two places and refreshments and meals were provided as in the previous year. In spite of being caught up in riots and some items being stolen from a bag at the airport the team did very well and we give thanks for God's keeping.

Since their return to Scotland Paul Stanford has reported that clubs are running in the two locations and also two football teams have been set up. Paul expresses gratefulness for the impact this is having on the young people in the communities.

*The Bible School that Dugald and Hector had hoped to run had to be cancelled due to illness very close to the leaving date. We pray that this will run again next year D.V.


In May and June Dugald and Dr Jonathan Groves delivered teaching in three locations in Nsanje over a nine day period.

A further trip is planned for August/Sept with Dugald and Hector delivering some more Bible teaching. Morag is hoping to work with the women setting up Bible study groups. This will be done alongside the community education project that will be runing at the same time.




Dugald and Hector did further Bible teaching on Christ in the Old Testament and Homiletics. Morag introduced the ladies to a Bible Study format and started a study on the book of Matthew . There are 4 Bible Study groups who continue to meet on to study the Bible fortnightly, alternating with the knitting group. Between 50 and 60 women meet each time with more ladies wishing to join.


May - Jonathan Groves of Kerusso Trust, Dugald and Morag did a 2 week teaching stint visiting all three locations in Nsanje District. Jonathan taught from Mark's gospel on 'Who is Jesus" and Dugald did further homiletics. A selection process for suitable men to deliver the Bible Access course was started on this trip.

The ladies studied the Book of Ruth looking at the lives of the main characters with particular reference to the Kinsman Redeemer. The Bible Study leaders also underwent further training. Double-click to edit text, or drag to move.

September - Dugald went out to do an orientation course and further work on the selection

of suitable people to deliver the Bible Access Course. At the same time Crawford and Rhian Anderson led a team to do the second part of the Children's Ministry training in Nyachilenda and Nsanje Boma. This was tremendously blessed with 60 people being trained in how to reach out to the children in their communities through Children's Bible Clubs. On the last day at Nsanje Boma 360 children registered!